A to Z of Postcards – D is for Dublin (part 1)

Although we were staying on the west coast of Ireland we really wanted to visit Dublin and I was delighted to discover that the cost of a return rail ticket to the capital city was only €25 (£20) which was sort of surprising because I considered this to very good value compared to UK rail travel prices when most other things in Ireland seemed to me to be about 20%  more expensive than in the UK.

That is the advantage of a properly run State owned railway service, no incompetent management company feeding greedy shareholders non-existent profits.

Read the full story here…

7 responses to “A to Z of Postcards – D is for Dublin (part 1)

  1. Some good images- love the colourful doors


  2. Dublin is a real fun city. I really am keen to get back soon, particularly as Michaela has never been,


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