Greece 2011, Koufonisia and The Meaning of Life

Koufonisia Greek Islands

It must have been a rough night, weather wise, because the ferry quay was awash as waves slapped against the harbour side and we had to negotiate deep puddles of sea water to get to the car park to meet the owner of the Villa Maria Vekri for the transport to our apartment and as we drove past the beach we could see that it had had a bit of an overnight battering as well!

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5 responses to “Greece 2011, Koufonisia and The Meaning of Life

  1. No mattress on the bed!!! what did you do?


  2. Smooth,elegant account with a good touch of humour,Andrew,except for the sad incident with the unacceptable and fraudulent behaviour of the storekeeper. I am so sorry … my friend.


  3. Would love to have made it to more of those out of the way islands. Life is much too short!


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