France, The Canal du Midi

“…without doubt the most beautiful and most noble construction of its kind ever undertaken….I would have preferred to have created it, than all that I have done and all that I will do …”  –  Maréchal Vauban

or…                                                                                                                                                   “I am rendered speechless by the unfolding diorama of bosky French perfection”  –  Jeremy Clarkson (BBC motoring journalist and all-round clever dick on travelling by boat on the canal)

Our plan was to stay in Beziers today, partly because it seemed good manners to spend some time there rather than dash off elsewhere and partly because I didn’t relish the prospect of reversing the Citroën out of the garage again.

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9 responses to “France, The Canal du Midi

  1. “It was quite interesting but I have to say that if this is the third most visited tourist attraction in Languedoc-Roussillon then the region must be short of visitor attractions”.

    A sublime joke!

    What a nice way to start my day!



  2. Andrew, what a really beautiful picture. the first one I mean .I am going to try to get it onto my laptop and use it as a screen saver…if I can!

    Morocco where are you? The sights the sounds and the smells ! Hmmm


  3. You’re going to ovedose on culture, my friend!


  4. I’ve seen this cooking program of Rick Stein when he was traveling through France on a boat. Made me dream of doing the same trip one day 😉


  5. Locks ARE amazing engineering, but to cut them out of solid rock, wow.

    I really enjoyed your Rolf Harris story. Thanks for sharing it.


  6. I agree about the first picture. It’s beautiful! Such a shame to lose those beautiful trees.


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