Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Lief Ericson Statue Reykjavik Iceland

Leif Erikson contemplates a Voyage of Discovery…

There is no real evidence that Eiriksson discovered America but his statue faces to the west as though in expectation of belated recognition for his achievement.  Today he looked out over Viking skies full of Nordic drama with mountainous clouds as big and as grey as a medieval cathedral.

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4 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

  1. See, this appeared and then whoosh, gone again. I’ll check out your posts tomorrow to write something vaguely sensible, but this is what I mean about the stupid Reader. Here yesterday and gone today so to speak as it is past midnight. Why could I see your post at one point and then it’s gone? I can always find you, but that’s not the point. Nor is it anything to do with your post 😀 Except that WP is going backward not forward.


    • Forgot to mention that I get more fun from reading the forums than FP. Some of the things people say or request assistance with are truly falling off chair funny!


      • You mean, how do I write a sentence sort of post?

        The forums were better when they had Off Topic and Show Off My Blog (or whatever it is called).

        I’ve not found anything funny or interesting there for a while.

        What’s funny about the FP ones is, the posts they pick are – as we know – crap, but if you read some of the other posts on the blogs, they are invariably better. You have to read the wordpress blog now to find out which ones they are highlighting and why. You would have thought they would have mentioned that. You would have thought I would have mentioned that on my Clouds post. But I forgot.


  2. Nice photo of Leif Erikson and the flag 🙂


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