Northumberland, St Mary’s Lighthouse


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Get timings wrong and you will get wet feet coming back.  Local people regularly turn up here at high tide and watch and see if any unsuspecting tourists get cut off and have to either swim for it or spend the night on the island.

Clearly entertainment in Whitley Bay is seriously hard to come by!

St Mary's Lighthouse Whitley Bay

16 responses to “Northumberland, St Mary’s Lighthouse

  1. The sea and lighthouses attracts me everywhere always. Nice post Cheers


  2. As entertainment goes, it’s not bad, Andrew! Love the ‘splash down’ shot. 🙂 🙂 Whitley Bay’s not quite tourist heaven but I do love the lighthouse. The causeway gives it a bit of magic.


  3. I do like lighthouses . . . for a while, I’d hoped someday I’d live in one.

    . . . and you look a tad out of your element . . .


  4. Lovely gallery. My favorite is the poppies.


  5. Great shots Andrew. I could spend hours in that driftwood workshop.


  6. Glad you’re back in civilization

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  7. Wonderful gallery. I grew up in NE England so this was a common day out for us.


  8. Great shots of the lighthouse, but taking a chance on the tide would freak me out, or perhaps just be highly annoying if caught by the tide. I’d be willing to be that something like that would be highly regulated here in this era… taking all the fun out for the locals. We do still watch folks taking a stroll out on the jetties when the waves get really wild. Some of them do end up quite drowned. We have a saying about some chlorine in the gene pool referring for those stupid enough to take the chance. 😉


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