East Anglia, The Fishing Boats of Aldeburgh

Fishing Boats set sail from Aldeburgh but there is no port, the boats are hauled onto the beach when their work is done.  The catch is sold fresh from the sea from wooden sheds that line the shingle beach.

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29 responses to “East Anglia, The Fishing Boats of Aldeburgh

  1. Lovely pictures. My mom grew up in East Anglia.

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  2. The sort of place I really like, great light for photography just like Dungeness

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  3. I remember going to see an extremely rare Ivory Gull at Aldeburgh. It was feeding off the scraps from all those boats. I remember the beach as being more shingle than I have ever seen in my life. Somewhere on that coast there’s even a place called “Shingle Street”.

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  4. Love the textures on the old boats, Andrew!

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  5. Great photos… it seems ages since we visited the east coast, I think it deserves a revisit!

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  6. Is the culture thriving or petering out? I wonder.


  7. Lovely colours and different compositions of the boats!


  8. Love these sea and fishing boat scenes. We have a fishing fleet nearby which doesn’t have a port. The boats are lifted up to a dock by way of hoists. It’s quite the thing to watch them do it. I posted some shots years back. You’ve inspired me to perhaps do it again.


  9. I wonder at the men who take those small boats out into the North Sea, a special breed without doubt.
    I’ve got a thing about the fishermen, I’ve always thought of them as the lifeblood of England; during the war we never lacked, or went, without fish; and yet I cannot remember reading much about them AFTER the war.


  10. We used to stay very close to here when I was a child (a long time ago now!). My grandparents lived in Sudbury and rented a villa by the beach at Thorpe Ness every summer holiday so we’d go into Aldeburgh quite a bit. I remember the narrow high street with little fishing cottages very well 🙂


  11. Great pictures. I missed all this when we were down there recently.


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