Entrance Tickets – The Palace of Culture in Warsaw

Warsaw Palace of Culture

How would you like a high-rise building, just like one of ours, in Warsaw?” – Viacheslav Molotov (1952)

An appropriately functional entrance ticket.

At two hundred and thirty-one metres high the Warsaw Palace of Culture and Science is one of the most notorious examples of Soviet Realist architecture of the 1950s and you can’t miss it because it is the tallest building in Poland and the eighth highest in the European Union.  It was commissioned by Josef Stalin as a gift from the people of the Soviet Union.

What a great gift!

Actually, not only Warsaw but similar gifts were given to Prague, Bucharest, Kiev and Riga.  How lucky were Berlin and Budapest to miss out.

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8 responses to “Entrance Tickets – The Palace of Culture in Warsaw

  1. Are those booths all that’s left of Joe’s statue?


    • I cheated with this one. The statue of the boots is in Budapest. After the collapse of Soviet Russian domination in Eastern Europe, Stalin’s statue was toppled and destroyed. The boots remain as a symbol of oppression. Clever, don’t you think?

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  2. You’re certainly right that you can’t miss it! I’ve not been to Warsaw apart from to transit from the airport to Krakow for work back in a previous job, and it towers over everything. I could not decide whether I liked it or not. I still can’t. It has a certain deranged presence and grandeur, and it definitely redefines the term “communist bloc(k)”, whatever else it does.


  3. I have been to the country and others including the USSR, all typical soviet buildings !


  4. “How lucky were Berlin and Budapest to miss out.” Laughing, Andrew.


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