Iceland – British Airways and Lost Luggage

On November 11th 2007 I was travelling to Iceland

This was a British Airways flight so there was a level of sophistication to which we have become unaccustomed in our travels with the budget airlines and here are just a few things that British Airways do better than Ryanair; on this flight there were comfortable leather seats, flight attendants in smart uniforms, ample legroom for stretching out, a bag of breakfast, complimentary drinks and an attractive blonde Icelandic girl in the seat next to me and whilst we were in the air we had nothing but good things to say about the airline.

Things changed however when we arrived in Reykjavik and here is something that Ryanair do better than British Airways; they remember to put your luggage on board the same aircraft as you and deliver it to the same airport at the same time.

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14 responses to “Iceland – British Airways and Lost Luggage

  1. Oh, what a start. I guess Kim’s over it now though? We have always mixed our packing in luggage, just in case it ever happened to us, but so far …

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  2. And another island hehehe just passed by there in a connection way back…


  3. EasyJet not so good when your details on your Passport change as mine did but their booking system wouldn’t recognise them. It steadfastly insisted I was not who I said I was. could not complete the details needed before travelling and a ‘phone call to them wasn’t very reassuring as to how I’d get by on arrival. I managed it by printing off oodles of emails and screen-shots but it was a nerve-racking experience, so BA for me when I can.

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  4. Not been to Iceland yet, and probably not for a long time to come.


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