Memory Post – Barmeston Road, Catford, London

One day in 1995 I was at work and driving through London and on impulse took a detour to Catford and to Barmeston Road where my grandparents used to live to see the house that I used to visit with my parents when I was a boy.

It was having a bit of renovation work carried out to it at the time but although it seemed smaller (everything looks smaller as you grow older, especially chocolate biscuits) it looked however almost as I remembered it and the memories came flooding back.

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8 responses to “Memory Post – Barmeston Road, Catford, London

  1. Thanks for sharing good memories cheers!

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  2. Super post – I would have got 4 or 5 pieces out of this. How lives have changed! Humber Sceptre (?) next door gives a retro touch. The house must be worth a fortune now.

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  3. As I was reading the post my mind was formulating exactly the comment that I made first time round. How sadly predictable I am!

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  4. I love the original post, Andrew. Thanks for re-posting it.

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