On This Day – Malta, Love it or Hate it.

Lockdown continues so I return to the archives. In April 2015 I was on the Mediterranean island of Malta…

We arrived late in the morning and immediately found the bus connection to Mellieha Bay in the north of the island and sat back for the seventy minute journey through the centre of the island. I have heard it said that you either love Malta or you hate it, there are no half measures, there is no sitting on the fence.

I love it but as we crawled through the growling traffic, through the unattractive suburbs of Valletta, past the inevitable McDonalds and Burger King and through miles and miles of road works I wasn’t so sure about Kim’s initial reaction.

As far as I could make out the bus route map suggested that the bus stop was quite near to the hotel so as we got close I pressed the bell for the driver to stop. He ignored it and carried on so I walked to the front to take the matter up with him. He told me the bus didn’t stop there but in about another kilometre or so. To be fair to him he took pity on us and stopped the bus at the side of the road but he wasn’t terribly happy about it.

It turns out that for some reason the bus company doesn’t think it sensible to stop near the several hotels flanking Mellieha Bay where it is convenient for passengers to get off but thinks it is more useful to have one on a remote roundabout half way between two villages which is not really very much use to anybody.

Anyway, I could sense that Kim, just like the bus driver wasn’t terribly happy and her mood was sliding towards the hating Malta side of the scale…

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One thing that I had forgotten was, that as a result of years of British rule, in Malta traffic drives on the left. Only four countries in Europe drive on the left. Just for a bit of fun, can you name them?


27 responses to “On This Day – Malta, Love it or Hate it.

  1. My eldest brother was stationed in Malta when he was in the RAF. He loved it there. Years later he began to go back year after year for the family holiday.


  2. My dear late wife Martine visited and like it have pictures of her days there. I never been, another island…..


  3. Always such a treat when a bad idea turns good. We have friends who love Malta immoderately, so with your recommendation too ….


  4. Grouchy bus driver apart, you got some brilliant photographs from this trip, so very colourful.


  5. UK, Ireland, Cyprus and Malta drive on the left. I have visited Malta a couple of times and love it, but those resorts can be horrible. We’d love to go back but stay in Valletta next time. I wouldn’t dream of driving there, though my ex hired a mini back in 1979 and we took the ferry over to Gozo, but it was terrifying at any roundabout!


  6. Not been, but you make it tempting. Spotting balconies and a washing!


  7. Judging from your photos, Andrew, I’d probably come down on the love Malta side of the equation. –Curt


  8. Malta is one of the islands I want to visit! Thanks, Andrew.


  9. i’d go back to Malta in a heartbeat! thanks for bringing back wonderful memories! 🙂


  10. Well, after four visits to the island so far I cannot really agree that you either have to love or hate the islands. Some parts and things I really love, some beautiful areas, the historical sights and all friends living there. Other parts are far lower on my scale and there are places that I don’t feel any need to return to. 🙂

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  11. Since we are also driving on the left here in South Africa, maybe that’s why we dared the self-drive option in Malta … but it was scary at times!


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