Monday Washing Lines – Frascati in Italy

Welcome to my latest theme. Monday Washing Lines.

This week I am back in Italy in the town of Frascati quite close to Rome.  I have chosen this washing line because I like the use of a single peg colour – the work of a professional pegger…

It is a Challenge. Do feel free to join in…


31 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – Frascati in Italy

  1. Nice! 🙂 🙂 How goes the golf, Andrew?

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  4. Ah, Frascati. The last time I was out of the UK with my Dad before he became too unwell to travel, we had a few days in Rome and took the train out to Frascati for a delightful lunch. Entirely because Frascati was his favourite white wine. Fond memories of that little town.

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  5. Professional pegger 😆

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  6. I’m pleased you have all these pics in the bag

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  7. A pro pegger — or merely a reflection of limited choice in the shop?

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  8. ah no washing line just a nice refreshing wine !!

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  10. I caught myself looking at pegs in the supermarket the other day,
    These lines may be to your exact requirements.
    multicoloured packs they were, and thought how much you would like them.

    Monday Washing


  11. Mondays seem to be coming round very quickly these days.


  12. Or maybe there was a great sale on blue pegs! 🙂

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  13. I am going to look at washing in a different light after your portrayals of orderly pegging, Andrew. My hanger had dressed well but her peg selection lacks control!

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  14. This is a great shot. I love the sharp, dark shadows on the brightly coloured laundry.


  15. Haha professional pegger

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