Monday Washing Lines – Rovinj in Croatia


Welcome to my new Project – Washing Lines

This week I am in Rovinj in Istria in Croatia.

I visited Rovinj with travelling companions in April 2011.

It was time for a coffee and there were plenty of busy harbour side bars to choose from so as we looked for empty spaces Micky reminded me of his theory that if we (the men) made a selection then this would be automatically overruled by Kim who has a curious habit of always walking to the next one perhaps in some sort of belief that it will always be better.

To prove his theory Micky stopped by an empty table at a perfectly acceptable café and waited for the girls to catch up sure enough Kim rejected it and led us instead to the one next door. It was almost identical and the coffee would be exactly the same so there really was no explanation.

Micky smirked, I smiled, Kim was oblivious.

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23 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – Rovinj in Croatia

  1. Hmm, I woukd move that pinky-red t-shirt next to the similarly coloured tra towel.

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  3. Colourful! Here’s my mundane simply socks find in a nice bit of crumbly courtyard:

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  4. A double line today


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  6. Very nice composition, Andrew, and a doubly clean treat today.
    I’m back in Oman this week and I have real washing this time. Just somewhat distant:


  7. a bonus line today! I love the coffee shop experiment


  8. I never even saw the line at the back until I read the comments! And Anabel does have a point.


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  11. Interesting click
    Two levels of washing line


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