Based on the success of my previous ‘odd one out’ posts here is another.

Which one is it?

23 responses to “Reflections

  1. The first one, for two reasons. Upside-down, and not a reflection on glass.

    . . . but, I’m guessing you’ll say no.


  2. Yes I’m gonna say Venice


  3. The one in Venice is the only one in Italy, and it’s also reflections in the water, not glass, so I’ll vote for this. I was going to go for the Hull one – I have a similar shot, but then saw you had one from Newark too.


  4. I think it’s the bottom left, because I don’t think it’s a reflection.


  5. Yes I’m also going to go first one as it’s a reflection of itself and the others are reflected back


  6. A marvellously intriguing set. I’m going for Newark because it’s the only one I might recognise


  7. Hmm, stumped, but. The Venice one is the only one that is upside down, and a reflection in water, so I have to go for that….


  8. You are having fun with these, Andrew! Gotta be Venice because you’re not looking through windows. Or is that too obvious? A lovely shot anyway.
    I’m canalside too this week.

    Jo’s Monday walk – the canal beat


  9. I guess Venice as well, because the reflection is not in glass, and it’s also upside-down. Also, every other photo reflection is in multiple panes, but not the Venizia door. The Iceland shot is SO cool.

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  10. Can’t we have an easy one, say one with French and English street signs?


  11. I’m going Venice too for the same reasons, but I’m not sure what the Iceland image is of. The ones I really like are the two of Budapest.


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