A to Z of Cathedrals – X is for Xwekjia in Gozo

When it comes to the letter X then thank goodness for Malta where the language does’t shy away from the 23rd letter of the alphabet.

The village of Xewkija on the island of Gozo is a modest place but has an enormous church with what is claimed to be the fourth or perhaps even the third largest unsupported church dome in the World.

To put that into some sort of perspective the largest is St Peter’s in Rome (fourth largest city in Western Europe) and the second largest is St Paul’s in London (population 7.5 million, give or take a thousand).  Xewkija is a village in rural Gozo with a population of about three thousand, three hundred people.  They didn’t have Christopher Wren to design it or Michelangelo to do the interior decoration – they built it themselves!


22 responses to “A to Z of Cathedrals – X is for Xwekjia in Gozo

  1. Magnificent piece of DIY

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  2. Clever stuff indeed. And only recently built. But why, I wonder? A modest parish church would have done the job.

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  3. And, if I remember correctly, there are not just this one, but still a couple more of these big churches in Gozo!


  4. A very impressive piece of building, especially as the place is so tiny.


  5. It does beg Margaret’s question? Any ideas, Andrew?

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  6. Quite a structure, well done those Xwekjians!


  7. Starting in 1951. Absolutely amazing, Andrew, so much more impressive than the modern mega churches found along the highways of America. –Curt


  8. I think I remember visiting here. Seem to remember it was one of those places where I had to wrap a kind of sarong around my legs as I was wearing shorts.


  9. Almost unbelievable. Now I understand that the Maltese are very faithful church goers. But where did the money come from?


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