Morocco, A Guided Tour of the Fez Medina

Fez Morocco Souk

I was continuously restless after the five o’clock Adhan and didn’t really sleep properly again so eventually I got up early because to be truthful I was rather anxious to check the weather.  At the top of the Riad there was a sun terrace and as I climbed the internal steps I could feel the warmth and brightness spilling through the open door and cascading down the staircase like a waterfall of sunshine and once on top I was rewarded with a perfect blue sky and a view over the whole of the city across rooftops decorated with thousands of satellite dishes all the way to the Atlas Mountains and I was satisfied that it was going to be a fine day.

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6 responses to “Morocco, A Guided Tour of the Fez Medina

  1. Don’t they go to the mosque on Fridays? Might that be why the kilns aren’t fired? Just saying….


    • That’s a good point and a possible explanation but they just had that sort of disused look about them. Perhaps I was just being too sceptical but if you read my next post you will see why!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  2. Andrew, I am pleased to present you with the Awesome Blog Content Award. Details can be found at Congratulations.


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