Kalymnos, Pothia and the Greco-Turkish War

Kalymnos Kos Dodecanese

During the night we experienced the downside of having a cheap and rustic studio apartment – it was incredibly loud!  The air conditioning chattered like a cicada, the fridge kept switching on and off with an ancient motor mechanism that sounded like a battering ram and every so often the shower head in the bathroom filled with water and discharged with a splash into the tray.  This was bad enough but worst of all were the beds, Kim’s croaked like a frog every time she turned over and mine quacked like a duck every time I moved and eventually we were very glad that it was morning.

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5 responses to “Kalymnos, Pothia and the Greco-Turkish War

  1. I’ve wondered about the missing basin plug myself.


  2. Andrew, just as well you got the apostrophe and ‘s’ into ‘Kim’s croaked like a frog…’ A blogger sailing close to the wind there.


  3. Yeah – washbasins and no plugs….. I always bring a small one of my own. Used to stuff a pair of panties in the drain but got tired of having to wash and dry them afterwards LOL! Loved your descriptions – you have a way of pointing out the not so savory experiences without being too snarky or ethno centric – just humorous. I appreciate that in travelers (versus tourists) Cheers!


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