Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

Early This Morning – Fox Cub Garden Visitor

I was surprised to spot this little chap in my back garden at 5 o’clock this morning.  Bleary eyed and short sighted I thought at first it was a ginger cat and I was about to shoo it off when I realised it was an urban fox cub.  He didn’t look old enough to be out on his own but he seemed confident enough when he moved on and walked down the road.

9 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

  1. Great photos! I recently watched a mother fox and her three kits playing in a friend’s heavily wooded backyard, but they didn’t present themselves for admiration like this bold visitor.

    A ginger cat visits us and my cats (through the window) from time to time. I like his visits, though I worry about his safety.


  2. Wonderful! You’re turning into quite the wildlife photographer!


  3. So quiet and innocent. Hope you don’t have a hen house around.


  4. Great shots, he looks so innocent – the noise they make is awful though, sounds like someone being attacked!


  5. That lawn looks like you need to get the mower out again.


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