Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

As we returned to the car quite unexpectedly the sky began to brighten in the west again so we decided that this was the sensible direction to head for.  As we drove along the coast the weather improved dramatically and within a few kilometres we were regularly stopping the car and exploring the rugged coastline.

The sea was big and dramatic today and the waves were pounding into the beaches and over the rocks.  By the time we arrived back in Comillas the sky was blue and there was an opportunity for an exciting walk along the headland dodging the spray as the waves pounded in and crashed over the town’s sea defences.  We walked around for a while and were pleased that the day had ended with blue skies and sunshine.  Cantabria was a real unexpected surprise and somewhere that I would definitely return to.

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5 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

  1. That’s a pretty one!
    I WILL get to this challenge- much later.
    Have a good weekend, Andrew 🙂


  2. Could be my neighborhood but for the color of the cliffs.


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