Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

Carmona Andalusia Spain

Sightseeing at the Roman Ruins in Carmona, Andalusia, Spain

20 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

  1. Wonderful for the challenge. Not the obvious. 😀


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  3. Yes, I thought you’d find an original take on this one, Andrew. And like me, avoid appearing on camera wherever possible.


    • Thanks Richard. Actually I got the idea from another blogger.
      I had an interesting morning today – looking after my young granddaughters and watching kids TV I saw my first episode of ‘Bananas in Pyjamas’!


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  6. I love the originality of your take on the theme Andrew!


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  8. Bit silly really having a selfie challenge when we all have pix of ourselves on avatars! Couldn’t find any silhouettes or shadows of me in my files which surprised me as I normally seem to be overshadowing the pix I do want to use. I went for a mirror image where I was trying to get the inside of a lift and got far more of me and him and the staircase behind us 😀

    Selfies aren’t really my thing. Ghastly name as well. Says it all though. Selfie, selfish, little difference.


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