Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Pebble on a Beach Portugal

Pebbles on a Beach

Pebble on a Beach

14 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

  1. Oh… Superb…


  2. Nice! Let’s go to the beach. 🙂


  3. lovely textures 🙂


  4. Speaking of pebbled beaches, being used to the sandy one’s in Sydney Australia I forgot to take some sort of footwear for the beaches in Croatia when I visited last year – ouch, I thought and felt – the Aussie sand had really done some work on my sole-skin, made it vulnerable 🙂 But a bit of conditioning and determination did the job on pebbled beaches. And, I tell you what: I’d have pebbles anytime over sand 😀 Nice contrasts of texture here, reminded me of feeling them 🙂


  5. Wonderful textures, Andrew. I especially like the sea foam, and and shell. 🙂


  6. ooo – I love the frothy water. Great photo!


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