Weekly Photo Challenge : Cover Art

Anonymous Pedestrians Wroclaw Poland

At a busy road junction there are fourteen statues of ordinary people going about their daily business but on one side of the road they are sinking into grey obscurity into the pavement and on the other they are rising back out into the sunshine in a form of social resurrection.  It is a wonderful piece of street art and I am prepared to say that for me it was one of the highlights of Wroclaw.

The statues are a memorial to the introduction of martial law in Poland on December 13th 1981 and the thousands of people who disappeared (‘went underground’) in the middle of the night courtesy of the militia. In a symbolic statement the fourteen statues were erected in the middle of the night in 2005 on the twenty-fourth anniversary of the introduction of martial law.

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10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Cover Art

  1. That would make a wonderful cover for an art book, maybe sculptures from around the world. I like these too, Andrew. 😮


  2. Gosh- you’ve just been everywhere, haven’t you? I always find sculptures so interested- Oviedo, Spain has them everywhere. It’s interesting to come across them, especially if they teach you something new about the city.


  3. Having never seen this statue in person I love seeing here Andrew. Such an intriguing piece.


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