Cities of Eastern Europe – Saint Petersburg

Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg

The next morning we slept in but luckily there was a late start so after a rushed buffet breakfast we were back in hotel reception and gathering with the group ready for the introductory guided tour of Saint-Petersburg.

The coach arrived and after we had all selected our preferred seats the driver edged the bus into the long queue of late rush hour traffic. Actually, as it turned out it was always rush hour in Saint-Petersburg and despite the generously wide streets the roads were continuously congested.

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5 responses to “Cities of Eastern Europe – Saint Petersburg

  1. Kind of ‘hurry up and wait.’
    I love the building in the header. Wow. o_O


  2. I love the consistent, straight lines, as well as the colors, of the architecture, something I may not have noticed at another time.

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  3. melissajane14

    Wow! Love the photos – looked like a great day for a city tour. Did you visit The Hermitage? Is it as overwhelming as I imagine it to be?


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