More Attractive Towns and Villages


Hallstatt, which claims to be the prettiest village in Austria

Santillana de Mar Cantabria

Santillana del Mar, “Le plus joli village d’Espagne” according to Jean Paul Satre

Škofja Loka Slovenia Ljubljana

Skofia Loka, Slovenia

Buchs Switzerland

Buchs, Switzerland

Shiltach River Kinzig

Schiltach in the Black Forest, Germany

Primosten from the road

Primosten, Croatia

Burano Venice Italy

Burano, Venice, Italy

Valle de Cabuérniga Cantabria Spain

Bárcena Mayor, Cantabria, Spain

Which one would you choose?

58 responses to “More Attractive Towns and Villages

  1. I visited Hallstatt earlier this year – it is certainly beautiful!


  2. I’ve only been to two but Burano really is hard to beat. I love color. 🙂


  3. Right, I can miss Burano just this once, and go to Schiltack in the winter.


  4. I would say that I would prefer Burano if I would be going during summer or spring, but Schiltack if I was going late autumn or winter.


  5. Burano’s already on my list, so I’ll go for Santillana del Mar, Andrew!


  6. I loved Burano when I visited. No room for any where in the UK after your summer trips around the country?


  7. While I am partial to Primosten – of course – I do like Sofia Loka in Slovenia – a beauty tucked away from the world’s prying eyes 😀 – was there plenty of Black Forest cake in Schiltach? If so, I’ll be there – the place feel quite ideal for winter escapes to warm rooms and lots of cake 😀


  8. Schiltach, I suppose, but none of them are absolutely stunning. I bet there are nicer ones, say, in Ireland, for example.


  9. Any, they’re all beauties, I’m not fussy, any one would make me happy!


  10. Any village in Austria or Switzerland but I also love the villages of the Cinque Terre tourists notwithstanding!


  11. Jaw crashing photos, Andrew. Absolutely stunning. I couldn’t choose just one if you paid me. ❤ ❤ ❤


  12. Haven’t been to any of them, but I think I’d prefer Croatia for that seascape view. Hoping it doesn’t snow there. I think I’ve had more than my quota of that for this lifetime.


  13. Skofia Loka is the most interesting one to me. Though I admit they all look worth the visit.


  14. They all look beautiful and I haven’t been to a single one of them yet. Seems I have to do some more exploring in Europe when I more back. The colourful buildings and the water channels of Burano looks pretty!


  15. The Historical Diaries

    what lovely cities , want to travel so bad !


  16. I think I’d have to choose Schiltach because of the snow – it’s picturesque but they are all lovely in their own way!


  17. Sheesh you know how to pick a place to visit!


  18. Switzerland or Germany for me please!


  19. Tough decision! I’ve been working on my Spanish lately, and how could I argue with Jean Paul Sartre? Me gusta Santillana del Mar 🙂


  20. Beautiful photos! –Curt


  21. Unfortunately, I have not been in these places. Well, at least, I have some goals yet.


  22. Great compilation, Andrew and the photos are lovely as usual! Glad you’ve provided me with ideas for future European trips!

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  24. As a man with no passport I would have to suggest Winster – same county as Ilkeston but on a more manageable scale. 🙂


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