Favourite Places in Spain, Almagro in Castilla-La Mancha

Almagro Watercolours

Almagro is an old town that was once much more important than it is today, two hundred and fifty years ago it was for a short time the provincial capital of La Mancha (1750-61) but religious decline set in during the reign of Charles III and it fared badly and suffered damage in the Napoleonic and the Carlist wars.

Eventually it was eclipsed by its neighbour Ciudad Real and it settled down to become  the quiet provincial town that it is today on, not being unkind, a secondary, less important, tourist trail.  We came upon Almagro quite by chance and chose it for a one night stop-over.  We stayed for three!

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16 responses to “Favourite Places in Spain, Almagro in Castilla-La Mancha

  1. Sounds like this “secondary, less important, tourist trail” would appeal to me, too. I really do prefer less visited places. Though that square scene looks plenty crowded.


  2. It really does look rather lovely. 🙂 🙂 Is that a teatowel at the top?


  3. You must be running out of doors and windows now, possibly worth a “Top 10 doors in Spain”, “Top 10 windows in Spain”, to be followed up with France, Poland, England etc. But how about a cracked jug theme? Ultimate posts would be “Top 10 cracks in France” etc ….


  4. What a beautiful place. The first picture reminds me of a Lowrey!
    Just opened up the Reader, clicked on your post and simultaneously my phone at the side of me buzzed to announce your comment on my latest post! 😀


  5. More of your favourites for us to admire


  6. I’m loving all these Spanish towns..

    Liked by 1 person

  7. A really nice-looking town, Andrew. I can’t say I’ve given Spain much of a thought until seeing your photos


  8. Spain is full of these amazing small towns off the beaten track and you have found some amazing ones. We love these places.


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