A Wren Visits The Garden

My blogging pal Derrick has a robin that visits his garden, I don’t have a Robin but I do have a Wren.  I like the Wren, it is not so obligingly photogenic as the Robin but is possibly my favourite British bird…

Garden Wren

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15 responses to “A Wren Visits The Garden

  1. Mentioning Nugget in the same sentence as your wren brought to mind the nursery rhyme that I recited on the school stage when five years old. I haven’t thought of this in a long long time.

    Cock Robin got up early,
    ⁠At the break of day,
    And went to Jenny’s window
    ⁠To sing a roundelay.

    He sang Cock Robin’s love
    ⁠To the pretty Jenny Wren,
    And when he got unto the end,
    ⁠Then he began again.

    I wonder if your wren is a Jenny!

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  2. I’m hopeless at identifying birds, Andrew. I never made it to Boy Scout and I only had a couple of I-Spy books 🙂 🙂 I thought your travel writing had become more localised when I read the opener, but I forgot you’ve still got reams to write about.


  3. We have wrens too, Andrew – but they are too nippy for our lenses.,


  4. Derrick’s robin Nugget is amazing, he’s totally taken up residence. We have birds that regularly alight on our terrace rails but I’m never quick enough to photograph them.


  5. Wrens are one of the few birds we don’t have around here, Andrew. I think I have seen all of one. The bird of the day is a flicker. This is the time of year when they drum on dead logs to catch their lady-loves attention. He who drums the loudest wins the fair maiden. Unfortunately, our males have learned that drumming on the vents in our roof makes for much louder drumming. 🙂 From the inside, it sounds like someone is on our roof with a jackhammer! –Curt


  6. Wrens are so difficult to photograph but you have managed to take a lovely picture of your one!


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