The World Revolves Around Cleethorpes

Walking is difficult right now, the tracks and paths are wet and muddy and it is best to keep to the pavements so we drove to Cleethorpes and the seaside…

It is a rather outrageous claim I am inclined to agree but there is no disputing that the Greenwich Meridian passes through the Town and the Council have erected a monument to celebrate the fact.

The line runs north from the Channel coast at Peacehaven, shaving Lewes and East Grinstead in Sussex before heading through the suburbs of south London to the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, where the meridian was first calculated in 1851.

A brass line at the site marks the division between the eastern and western hemispheres and is a popular place for people to be photographed with one foot in each. Visitors do exactly the same thing in Cleethorpes.

The meridian continues north through Leyton and Walthamstow in north- east London to Waltham Abbey in Essex. Then it passes the eastern edge of Royston in Hertfordshire and the western side of Cambridge before crossing the Fens and running up through Lincolnshire, just missing Holbeach, Boston and Louth.

In total the imaginary line passes through six counties – Sussex, Greater London, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Yorkshire (just about).

From Cleethorpes it crosses the Humber estuary and the Holderness peninsula before heading out into the North Sea and up to the North Pole, touching no more land on the way.

Only six other countries besides England are host to the Greenwich meridian. It runs down through France (through the City of Le Mans) and eastern Spain (close to Zaragoza), across the Mediterranean and then through four nations in Africa – Algeria (the largest country in Africa – good quiz question), Mali, Burkina Faso and then Ghana before heading to the South Pole. These are the only six countries in the World genuinely in both the East and West hemispheres.

There it goes…

33 responses to “The World Revolves Around Cleethorpes

  1. Well, nobbut just! I never knew that about Cleethorpes. Mind you, I’ve never been there.

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  2. I bet you’re a whizz at kwizzes, Andrew! Merry Christmas to you and Kim 🙂 🙂


  3. It’s only 7:13 am and I have learnt something new today! Good to see that you are out and about again. Thanks Andrew and Happy Christmas.


  4. well there you go, what a special place 😀


  5. Well, who would have thought it?
    Merry Christmas to you and yours, and I hope Santa brings you everything you asked him for!


  6. Thank you! I learned something new and discovered it connects more than one place I have connections to one way of another (Le Mans, and East Grinstead among them). Who knew? Well, you obviously and now me! Have as good a Christmas as you can manage, no matter what Tier you are in.


  7. Very interesting. I don’t want to sound pedantic, but isn’t it that Cleethorpes revolves around the world?


  8. There once was a young man of Louth
    Who couldn’t tell his north from his south
    He was by far the best
    With his east and his west
    When the meridian ran through his mouth

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  9. I did jury service in Lewes a few years ago, and amused myself each day by walking to the other side of the world and back during the lunch break. Such small things bring amusement! Happy Christmas to you & family, let’s hope there’s a turnaround next year.


  10. Fun piece of science and history.


  11. Well, who knew that about Cleethorpes. I’m sure that wasn’t common knowledge when I used to go there.


  12. A lovely set of pictures here


  13. Didn’t know that about Cleethorpes either! Though I’ve been to Greenwich. Happy Christmas, Andrew!


  14. Those are some of the most evocative photos you have posted. I can’t decide which I like best. Have a great Christmas, Andrew.


  15. Interesting. It also runs through here in Altea Spain, and there is a marker on the paseo. Also the dive business in nearby Mascarat in named Greenwich Diving.

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