Top Five Posts

Always, at this time of the year I spend some time looking at my statistics. This year I have been looking back over eleven years to find my Top Five most visited posts…

Number 5 – Catalonia, Barcelona and Antoni Gaudi

First posted – August 2013
Total visits – 16,792
Best Year – 2015, 8,717 visits
Consistently recording hundreds of visits each year
2020 – 194 visits

Number 4 – Sorrento – Vesuvius, Living on the Edge of Danger

First posted – April 2010 in a series about a holiday to Sorrento
Total visits – 18,183
Best Year – 2013, 4,213 visits
A very steady performer and always in my annual Top 10
2020 – 376 visits

Number 3 – Krakow, Wieliczka Salt Mine

First posted – April 2010
Total visits – 18,287
Best Year – 2013, 5,016 visits
Did well for 4 years followed by a steady decline
2020 – 18 visits
I feel a repost coming on.

Number 2 – Royal Garden Party

First posted – June 2009
Total visits – 23.010
Best Year – 2015, 5,871 visits
Year after year, has always done well, especially in May when Palace invites go out.
2020 – 212 visits

Number 1 – Haugesund and The Vikings

First posted – March 2011
Total visits – 24,710
Best Year – 2012, 14,773 visits
It took me a while to understand this but then I found out that people in USA were searching for Minnesota Vikings Football and being directed to my post. Google put that right and the visits bombed immediately.
2020 – 9 visits

Thanks everyone for reading and Have a Happy New Year.

22 responses to “Top Five Posts

  1. Those are impressive numbers.

    You should try more often to coincide with US sports teams.


    • What was curious about the Viking post is that it had consistent high numbers for two years and then just stopped. In all that time it was rarely liked and received no comments.


    • That’s the same with my top post . . . no comments, no likes; but two to five views almost every day. It’s difficult to mistake my post for anything else than what it says, so it must be they are looking for more than I offer.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Big numbers indeed and big followers nice going keep it up; cheers!


  3. Gosh. I’ll have to work out how you do that I have no idea whether older posts are ever revisited. All I know is that one year when the Tour de France passed by our house in France, my report on it got hundreds of views on the day – far more than I ever achieved before or since. But I have no idea if it’s revisited. Later, I’ll check out your Top Five, of which only the Garden Party i an unknown experience for me. At least you still have plenty of experiences to keep us all interested as the pandemic relentlessly continues. Keep ’em coming!


  4. Congratulations, Andrew


  5. it’s so interesting to see which ones take off – not always a consistent rhyme or reason to it


  6. Curious, indeed. I find a lot of it is where Google decides to place it. I have a little town in Nevada that has generated readership for years. Nothing great, but consistent. Not many people write about it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Interesting, Andrew. Thanks. โ€“Curt


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