Monday Washing Lines – Kotor in Montenegro


Welcome to my latest theme. Monday Washing Lines.

Monday: Wash Day. Tuesday: Ironing Day. Wednesday: Sewing Day. Thursday: Shopping Day. Friday: Cleaning Day. Saturday: Baking Day. Sunday: Day of Rest.

Someone has taken a lot of trouble to get the presentation of this washing line right in Kotor, Montenegro…

I do believe that whoever pegged this load out has made a very good job of it.  My only slight criticism is the unnecessary coloured dress or whatever it is.

It is a Challenge.  Do feel free to join in…

46 responses to “Monday Washing Lines – Kotor in Montenegro

  1. Love the idea but I don’t have a single picture of a washing line!

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  2. Yes, shame about the coloured item, but maybe it would be too perfect otherwise 🙂 🙂 Happy Monday, Andrew!

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  3. Surely this paragon of virtue has used a slightly random collection of coloured pegs? In other ways, this is exemplary!

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  5. Well, all one colour gets boring! Anyway, here’s mine:

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  6. By the way, Tuesday is the new Monday. I’ll be along tomorrow.

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  8. Oh, I’m sue there’s a hint of pink in the middle there! Did something get too close to the bright item?
    I’m whisking you over to Portugal for a Monday wash:

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    • I once played for a football team and we had blue and white shirts. We took it in turns to wash the kit and one week the player on laundry duty washed them on a boil. The shirts became blue and grey.


      • Oh, this comment reminds me of when my brother belonged to a Sunday pub football team and they used to do the same. It ended up with my mum washing the filthy kit of course, and I used to help peg out all those socks!!


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  10. Figured out why my pingback wasn’t working, although the link did lead to the correct post! Anyway in case you still miss it, here’s one from Malta, a rather neat affair I thought.
    As for yours, the clothes are so bunched up I am surprised anything actually gets dry!

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  12. My first thought is all the wrinkles that are going to baked in once these dry. But it’s so carefully done, the wearer certainly is not concerned.

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  13. It must be a school, or a factory. Can one household have so many white underpants in one wash?

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  15. I looked a little bit harder Andrew, and came up with this one


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  17. I would not dare hang my whites* out on public display.


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  18. Yes, don’t you know that grey is the new black?

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  20. I don’t appear to have any photos of washing lines but I do have a penchant for doors and doorknockers. From now on, I’ll be on a mission to photograph washing lines!

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  21. A clothesline on which is hung a sequence of whites and an odd-one left over for display.


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