A to Z of Postcards – T is for Tenerife

I visited Tenerife in 1989 and stayed in the tourist resort of Los Christianos near Playa de Los Americas in a hotel complex called the Parque Santiago.  One day I took a coach tour to the Teide National Park.  It wasn’t a long trip in terms of kilometres but the bus left early because it happens to be an awfully long way to climb to the top.

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18 responses to “A to Z of Postcards – T is for Tenerife

  1. Great island my ancestral home too bad overloaded with tourism and Los Cristianos is central;better go on the other coast by Güimar from Candelaria down is where I stayed; paternal and maternal grandparents from there !!!


  2. By the way Teide is old Guanche language meaning mountain of fire and the ancestral sanctuary; of course it is a volcano.


  3. That’s a good one to cycle up


  4. Passed through Los Cristianos on the way to La Gomera a few years ago. It still holds the record (by some distance) for the greatest acreage of heaving tattooed flesh that I’ve ever seen in one place. And that wasn’t even on the beach, just walking from bus to ferry.


  5. You’ve clearly kept to your resolve not to visit Tenerife again. Its reputation as Tourist Central has prevented our visiting, though people tell us it’s easy enough to get off the Tourist Trail.


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