Verona, Juliet’s House and the Piazza Signori

Juliet's House and Balcony Verona Italy

Piazza Brà, the central square with its richly decorated houses, immaculate streets and gardens and busy pavement restaurants had a prosperous, self assured atmosphere and we ate our Brek self-service pasta lunch while people rushed by on the adjacent pavement and the sun broke through the thin clouds and filled the Piazza with welcome rays that emphasized the pastel shades of the buildings and the geometry of the bricks and stones of the medieval city wall close by.

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4 responses to “Verona, Juliet’s House and the Piazza Signori

  1. You’re in Holland and still finding time to blog about Italy? Very impressive! I assume you have wifi access on your bike.

    I’ve heard Verona is lovely, like so many towns in northern Italy. The Shakespearean connection doesn’t interest me much, other than in the ‘amusing to see how tourist boards cash in’ way. But it’s good to hear from you that the rest of the town is worth a visit. Some time soon…


  2. Actually Richard, I cheated and posted in advance. Just returned from Holland and a very good day in Delft. Next time I go I will stay in Delft and use the train to get around. Thanks for the tip about Vermeer’s house – it was well worth the entrance fee! Do you think Shakespeare ever went to Holland?


  3. Poor Juliet – as if her teenage crush didn’t end badly enough now she’s being groped by strangers all the time! I admire your gentlemanly restraint. Do women get to grope Romeo? If not this is another blatant example of sexism and, as an American, it’s my right to sue!


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