Weekly Photo Challenge:Threes

Moulton Mill Lincolnshire 1

I stand here in my place,
With my foot on the rock below,
And whichever way it may blow,
I meet it face to face,
As a brave man meets his foe. 

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Moulton Windmill Lincolnshire 2


Moulton Mill, Moulton, Lincolnshire

Moulton Windmill in the Lincolnshire village of Moulton, between Spalding and Holbeach is a restored windmill claimed to be the tallest tower mill in the United Kingdom.

The nine-storey mill is 80 ft to the curb and 100 ft to top of the cap. In full working order again with its four patent sails on, Moulton mill is the tallest working windmill in Great Britain.

The mill, built in approximately 1822, was a fully functioning windmill, grinding wheat and other products. However, in December 1894, the sails were damaged in a harsh gale and were removed in 1895. Soon afterwards, a steam system was installed to power the mill.

A local campaign was established to restore the Grade I listed mill to full working condition. In 2003, the mill featured on the first series of BBC2’s Restoration. The project won a large Heritage Lottery Fund grant, which, along with many fundraising events meant that the campaign succeeded in raising enough money to restore and refurbish the mill’s structure and add a new cap.  New sails were fitted on 21 November 2011 to complete the restoration of the mill. The community restoration took fourteen years to complete at a cost of nearly £2m.



15 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge:Threes

  1. is that still in use?


  2. I really like these photos. Fabulous to read about the restoration.


  3. I love windmills, in all their different forms. Didn’t you post a photo of three of the Consuegra windmills, too?


  4. Lovely things, aren’t they? Must’ve been great to see it in action, Andrew.


  5. It’s quite spectacular. It’s made me feel slightly nauseous thinking about the height and the turning sails. Lethal combination for someone who gets vertigo.


    • I think it is quite safe – it is in the UK. I have been up some dodgy towers in Europe. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is an odd experience but the very worst was in Trogir in Croatia and I guarantee that you would not have attempted that one!


  6. I wonder how much noise a windmill like that made / makes as it churns the air. 🙂


  7. What a fantastic windmill, its like taking a step back in time – more info can be found on the mill here: http://marketdeeping.com/listings/moulton-windmill/#sthash.PaEiIBWu.dpbs


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