Weekly photo Challenge: Street Life

Bari Italy Puglia Street Sweeping

Early Morning Walk in Bari, Puglia…

… Elsewhere there were steps and pavements to be swept, food to be prepared and shopkeepers were arranging their pavement displays, women were shopping to be sure of the freshest produce and old men were selecting shady corners in which to pitch a chair for the remainder of the day and everywhere motor scooters zipped past, engines cracking like machine gun fire, making deliveries regardless of any pedestrian right of way.


Eventually, with probably more luck than we were entitled to, we found our way out of the labyrinth of narrow streets and on to a main street that we thought we recognised and shortly we were back at the hotel for late breakfast and then for checkout.

Hardware Shopping Polignano a Mare Puglia Italy

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5 responses to “Weekly photo Challenge: Street Life

  1. What a wonderful photo, reminds me of when we were little and women used to take great pride in keeping their bit of the world spotless.
    Today people seem to leave everything to the local council!


  2. Great photos, great post!


  3. Yep sweeping and washing the street in front of one’s house, shop etc is much a thing of the faraway past, but when I come across evidence of such display of pride, a smile stretches across my face – a reminder of childhood days gone 😀


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