Brittany, Doors and Windows

Mont St Michel DoorDoor Detail Dinard Brittany FranceDinan Door Brittany

More Doors…

Doors and Windows of 2015

Sardinia – Doors and Windows

Brittany – Doors and Windows

Blue Doors of Essaouira

Doors of Catalonia 1

Doors of Catalonia 2

Doors of Catalonia 3

Doors of Catalonia 4

Doors of Dublin

Doors of Northern France

Doors of Portugal

Doors of Siguenza, Spain

31 responses to “Brittany, Doors and Windows

  1. That is a pretty street.

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  2. You likely used your call ‘Fire’ again trick. Agree beautiful little street.

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  3. Aren’t some people annoying? They simply will not move ON. Waiting to take that special picture tries my patience.
    These are magnificent doors and have so much character. I see your patience is so much better than mine. o_O 😮

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  4. I have the patience to wait a minute or two but Kim can wait for what seems an eternity!


  5. Andrew – what a fun comparison of countries. I imagine that you can get a feel for a place just by looking at your selection of doors.

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  6. I love to read your blog Andrew! It’s so original!
    Have a nice day, bye

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  7. I do love doors with personality. Thank you Andrew. —Curt

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  8. These doors are amusing! The first looks like a dungeon with acne, and the second looks as though the owners are putting on airs. The third doors tell of a day gone by when you would have to worry about pigs wandering into your house if you wanted a bit of air….At least, I think that doesn’t happen anymore 🙂

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  9. You and I certainly share an affinity for doors my friend. I always want to come home and replace my boring front door.

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