Travels in Spain, Tiles of Valencia

If I was recommending a city in Spain for tile and ceramics I would suggest Talavera de la Reina.

During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, Talavera achieved great recognition, thanks to its ceramics. Wonderful pieces of pottery and Talavera tiles are found in the main museums all over the world and in the most luxurious palaces all over Europe.  The city is internationally known for its products, which King Philip II used as tiled revetments in many of his works, such as the monastery of El Escorial.  The nickname of Talavera de la Reina is ‘The City of Pottery’ and Mexico’s famous Talavera pottery was named after the place.

But, having said that Valencia has some interesting wall tiles of its own…


18 responses to “Travels in Spain, Tiles of Valencia

  1. Everywhere we go in Spain we find marvellous tiles, but these are exceptional. Strange you have just posted this as I am writing a post about colours in Andalucia and connections to visual art especially Picasso.

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  2. They’re really beautiful. I presume each tile is manufactured as a unique object. They have to be serious to do this kind of thing!

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  3. Is there any country that you have visited that has as much ceramic public art as Spain

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  4. Love your photos of the beautiful tiles, very interesting.

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  5. Ceramics are a passion of mine. I quite often start my museum visits in the decorative arts department so I can see the porcelain – and if I run out of time and miss the rest of the galleries…oh well!

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  6. Reblogged this on The Art of Mindful Travel and commented:
    A blog of beautiful photos of tiles from around Valencia taken by Andrew Petcher of Have Bag, Will Travel

    Andrew writes much about his European travels, especially in Spain which he favours greatly. He is definitely a mindful traveller with a blog worth following; he is a good follower too, always comments on posts and gives thoughtful replies. Do take a peek at this colourful post and his blog.


  7. I will get myself to Spain one of these days. Those tiles are beautiful.


  8. Not a stranger to Spain myself – but this is a beautiful collection you have posted.
    Thanks for sharing! Joe


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