European Capital of Culture 2016, Wroclaw in Poland

Wroclaw Dwarfs Postcard

In 1985, Melina Mercouri, the Greek Minister of Culture came up with the idea of designating an annual Capital of Culture to bring Europeans closer together by highlighting the richness and diversity of European cultures and raising awareness of their common history and values.

The European Union enthusiastically endorsed the idea and as a consequence The European Capital of Culture is a city designated for a period of one year during which it organises a series of cultural events with a strong pan-European dimension.

The first city chosen was Athens which was fair enough I suppose.  In 2016 it was Wroclaw in Poland.  A very good choice in my opinion, I have visited the city twice and would gladly go back again.

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If you want to know about the Dwarfs you can read about them here…

Dwarf Spotting

10 responses to “European Capital of Culture 2016, Wroclaw in Poland

  1. It’s still on our list, it’s not about the dwarves though!

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  2. Wasn’t Melina Mercouri a Greek actress way back in the 50’s or 60’s?
    I have a lot of time for the Polish people, I recall our doctor in England before we left for Aust. was a Pole, and I lived and worked with many Poles in Western Australia; really fine people to know and live with.

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  3. It was Glasgow in 1990. Certainly, a lot of good came of it. That and the Garden Festival in 1988 kicked off a cultural renaissance.


  4. Love the reprise of the elves! Some I don’t remember seeing previously, too!


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