Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Consuegra Windmills Spain

Three Windmills, Consuegra, Spain…

The windmills are tall cylindrical towers capped with dark cones and four big “sails” that move with the wind.  In days gone by, farmers would haul their grain to these windmills where the structures harnessed the power of the wind to grind grain.

The windmills and the skill to operate them were passed down from fathers to sons. Windows placed around the tower of the windmill provide great views today. But that was not their original use. From these windows, the miller could keep watch on the shifting winds. When the winds changed, the miller would have to move the tiller beam to turn the mill. If he didn’t a sudden strong wind could strip the sails, rip off the top and the whole building could be destroyed by a gusty wind.

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8 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

  1. You’re on a roll with these threes!! Another good pic for it though. I took your advice (!!) and wrote about the three wise monkeys so gave you credit (such a nice person me), I think I pinged it back to the Devil’s Bridge past as I really liked that one.


    • I read it, I liked the Monkey pictures. You could have linked back to the Monkees of course now that there are only three of them.

      This is a perfect challenge for shameless recycling of old posts and directing new followers/readers to older postings. Improves the statistics which is pointless but more usefully it keeps the blog up the google rankings.


      • You’re always recycling old posts. There are some I’ve read at least three times. Eres sin verguenza. Or verganzoso. The Monkees link would have been clever. Would you like to write my posts for me in future? You should have told me about that before I had posted. You are more bothered about rankings and stats and all that than I am. I’m just happy to find something interesting to do and put off the washing up.


      • I have to say that I do find the whole blogging environment rather fascinating from a social experiment point of view.

        We have read each other’s posts for a long time now which in my observation is quite unusual. People just come and go. Some just dry up and fade away others burn out like a shooting star, some never really ever get going. A lot of people seem to be trying to use it as a platform to build a business which I suppose is a similar situation/opportunity that you were referring to in that recent post about writing and decorating.

        You see my recycled posts but others are going there for the first time. A really interesting thing that I have observed is that there is no time line reality involved. I reviewed a lot of my posts and removed references that could date them and now people read them and think it is a new post or that I am in Andalusia when I was last there in 2008! That drives my friend and commentator Dai absolutely mad!

        I might do some posts about the social and interactive aspects of blogging some time soon – I’ll call it ‘once more round the blog!’ or something similar.


      • Yes, it is. But I can totally switch off from other social media eg FB and Twitter and all the rest, and I have. i did start a tumble after WP twittered on about it, mainly because the pix look nice on there. No idea what to do with it though 😀

        I like the blogging and the discussion. That’s one thing in WP’s favour !!!! it does enable easy discussion. The little orange notification top right is perfect. So no doubt they will get rid of it at some point 😀

        I do have people who followed me from blogger. Not a lot, but a few who still read and comment. Same for the dogblog. And I started both blogs in 2007. People come and people go. You retain a core readership, but that changes around the edges too. I have quite a few people, like you, who read more than one of my blogs and have done for some time now. Some comment regularly, some just from time to time. Either way I appreciate them taking their time to read and comment. Most have different views and opinions to me, which is what strikes me as really odd! There isn’t a single vegan feminist interested in my blogs. Or any of the ex-pat female Spanish bloggers. Bizarre.

        I agree people are trying to use it to build a business. Highly unlikely to work unless you write prolifically and build up serious readership. If I was to use it in that way, it would just be a reference tool. Yes, I was thinking like that. I have a blog therefore I can write and get paid. Hey, I can write my name, will you pay me for that, comes next in the scene of things.

        I do get confused with your recycllng mixed in with what really is happening. It befuddles my organised mind. Not that I am organised but I like everyone else to be. The problem with training as a journalist is that I have Who did What, When, Where and Why locked in my brain.

        I like Dai. He likes cheap accommodation. He must be good 🙂

        I’d thought about a post on the blogs I read (rather than the ones who read and comment on mine). It’s a real mix. Nice title for yours. Hurry up with it. After all I did do the three wise monkeys at your unsubtle hint.


  2. You two are a great double act! I usually forget whatever incredible thing I was all set to say by the time I’ve read it all. (it was going to be that I love the subtle colouring of the photo- Alzheimers hasn’t quite got me yet)
    I’d be interested in that post too, Andrew. Your recycling activities are in the spirit of the times 🙂


  3. Great, they really are wonderful!


  4. Beautiful photo! Love it! Saludos, Silvia


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