Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Foreign Currency:

The euro is useful because it has simplified travel to Europe but I miss the old pre-euro currencies. To have a wallet full of romantic and exciting sounding notes made you feel like a true international traveller. I liked the French franc and the Spanish peseta and the Greek drachma of course but my absolute favourite was the Italian lira simply because you just got so many.

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11 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

  1. Andrew my first trip to Europe was to Italy. I was there with our son who was competing in a sports event. When it came time to pay the bill in Italian lira it was something like 14 million. I almost had a cardiac arrest.


  2. Nice interpretation of this week’s photo challenge.


  3. Having just returned from Scotland but passing thru Oslo and Belgium as well of course as the US, it may be pretty but it’s sure hard to manage!!

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  4. Four currencies can mean a lot of exchange fees! 😕


  5. What a neat idea for a photo: arrange all your foreign currency.

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  6. When we were in Italy 40 years ago there was no note or coin for a really small amount and on the counter of most shop was a big bowl of lollies and if they owed you change they would tell you to take so many lollies. It was fun but they did make a mess of your wallet.


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