Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic – Hoping For a Beer Later

Morocco is a Muslim country so getting a drink is sometimes difficult.  Just look how uninviting those tables look all set out for lunch time customers.

Water No Beer

Later that night we left the Riad and made our way back towards the centre tackling the crowds and the traffic on the way.  At a busy section there was a rather seedy looking hotel called the Grand Tazi and the word was that it served alcohol so we took a look inside and indeed it did and delighted by this discovery we followed a waiter to the roof terrace and ordered beer and wine.

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12 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Optimistic – Hoping For a Beer Later

  1. That face says it all!

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  2. Lovely post, love the picture, it makes me want to travel now haha
    Sabrina – http://OrganicIsBeautiful.com

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  3. Midwestern Plant Girl

    No wine? Ouch. I may just have to cross it off the travel list 😢


  4. Interesting and crazy! Thanks for sharing. Cheers!


  5. My word, did anybody ever sit at those tables and chairs?


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