On This Day – Searching For Dwarfs

So here were are, 2021 and no travel plans so I continue to look back at some of my old posts. On 7th January 2014 I was on a post Christmas break to the Polish City of Wroclaw

On a visit to Iceland we learnt about the elves and trolls that live there.  We didn’t see any because they are invisible but in Wroclaw in Poland we very soon came across the dwarfs because they are not nearly so shy and can be found posing outside buildings and along the footpaths all over the city .

This afternoon we bought a dwarf map of Wroclaw and went looking for them.

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8 responses to “On This Day – Searching For Dwarfs

  1. I love this place! Fond memories of a warm week. I don’t even remember what year 🙂 🙂


  2. What fun to have a post Christmas break. Right now I fancy Madeira!


  3. Dwarves are not shy in Wroclaw. Good that you can find a map. I am getting ready to visit a nearby town for my birthday, and I hear they have incredible murals so I tried to find a map, but there are none to be found. I called the Chamber of Commerce and they said if I told them a particular mural I wanted to see, they could give me the address. Well. For a tourist that is not helpful. I suppose for a 2021 project, I could create a mural map for them.


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